Single Crystal Orientation System for Research Labs & Production Environment

Small crystal orientation system. Utilizing the Laue technique and a 150 mm x 100 mm back reflection camera, small single crystals can be oriented in a few minutes. Designed for research labs and production environments. Manual and motorized options for X,Y stages. Manual and motorized goniometer options for  chi, psi and phi rotation. Optional adapters for saw cutting, for easy transfer of single crystals from the Laue system to a saw.



X-ray Detector


• 150 mm x 100 mm Back Reflection Camera



Our XRDWIN 2.0 Laue software is designed for both operating our single crystal Laue orientation systems and data analysis of  Laue patterns. Standard features include a comprehensive set of tools for analyzing patterns, indexing and reorienting crystals.


Sample Handling


• Manual 3 axis goniometer for mounting of samples for cutting (2 axes with ±30 degrees & 360 degree rotation stage).

• Automated goniometer (optional)

• Customization as per your research needs