Single Crystal Orientation System for

High-Throughput Operation

 Utilizing the Laue technique, measurements can be performed in as little as a few seconds. Designed for heavy duty “round the clock” operation. Easy access maintenance features are designed to keep you up and running year after year. Excellent for nickel-based alloy single crystal orientation turbine blade inspection.


X-ray Detector


• Side-reflection Camera

• Back-reflection Camera (Optional Upgrade)


Sample Handling


• Mounting Jigs

• Laser Focusing System

• Motorized Sample Positioning System




• Manual Door

• Automated Door

• Safety Light Curtain

• Video Camera & Monitor


At the heart of the LAUE-HT system is our powerful yet user-friendly XRDWIN software, which includes a comprehensive set of controls for data collection, and analysis of LAUE patterns. This modular program can be easily modified as per each customer’s workflow requirements.


- 001, 011 & 111 overlays for manual matching of Laue patterns

- Editable custom hkl overlays

- Space mouse control for rotation of overlay

- Live Image mode for real-time viewing of Laue patterns

- Orientation detection limit ± 0.1º

- R-value calculations available using: REL cos (R-2cos), REL rms (R-2RMS), DIFF cos (R-3cos),

  DIFF rms (R-3RMS), Single-angle cos (R-1cos)

- Off orientation mode with both nearest 001 reference option and a local reference option

- Option to do set angle and disposition requirements within the software for each type of casting

- Multiple user level access control for program configuration and preferences